Bricks & Cement


Traditionally, men and women play specific roles. Over time, these roles begin to outline the expectations we place upon each other, with regards to the opposite sex. Within relationships, we may be able to better understand, and appreciate, each other if we can gain a sharper perspective on things. Allow me to introduce a theory I call "Bricks and Cement".


Metaphorically, men are like bricks. Hard and bold in nature, nearly unbreakable. They're the foundation, structure and force which weighs everything down. Bricks are what's necessary to have something to build and stand upon. Within any structure, a cornerstone must be developed. An outline for what's being built.

Men typically play the role of establishing and upholding a surface to compile. In short, they're the Provider. This is what's defined as the cornerstone of a household. Men will do more than just contribute, they'll make a way when there isn't one. They'll make straight lines from the crooked angles in life.


Women are like the cement. The substance which holds the bricks together. Often viewed as a simple, soft form of liquid, inevitably, they become as strong as the bricks and can manage to bond the two together with ease. The walls and structure built by the bricks mean absolutely nothing without the cement to hold it all together.

Women play the role of consoling. Balancing out the man's stress. Reminding him why he does what he does on those days that stress robs him of his ambition and attention. She reminds him not with words, not with reasoning but instead, with love.


Bricks alone will fall, as will cement. Neither of the two can stand alone. Each needs the other to accomplish their objective. Man is strong and capable of many feats, but, without that woman to provide the backbone and spirit, he's nothing. Separately, these two are a force but together...unstoppable.